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Braeside Financial Planning LLC ("Braeside" is used for brevity throughout this website) is an independent fee-only financial planning and investment advisory firm located in Asheville North Carolina. We specialize in providing professional planning and advice to individuals and families of all financial means. Our services are offered on an hourly, as-needed basis and with the convenience of evening and weekend appointment times. We impose no minimum net worth, income or investable asset standards. Financial planning fees are determined by the amount of time spent meeting with you in person or over the phone, researching and analyzing your current situation, developing and presenting customized recommendations, and, if needed, assistance implementing your plan. An estimate of time for your project, as well as a possible maximum cap based on the scope of service you choose, is provided in writing during the complimentary Get Acquainted meeting. Our hourly fees are $225 per hour. Following are some of the services Braeside provides to help you find financial independence and security. Contact now to schedule a complimentary Get Acquainted meeting.
Retirement Planning
With the migration away from company-provided pensions to defined-contribution 401(k)'s, critical decisions affecting long-term investments to fund your retirement needs have shifted from employers to employees, many of whom are not prepared to make these decisions. Social Security benefits will be inadequate for most families, requiring an additional nest egg of your own to finance a comfortable retirement. We will develop savings and optimal investment strategies consistent with your goals, financial means and risk tolerance, and project a sustainable withdrawal rate during retirement.
Investment Portfolio Optimization
Braeside is available to help you structure your investments in order to optimize returns consistent with risk, to reduce volatility and expenses, and to target withdrawals for specific goals.
Cash Flow and Debt Management
Braeside can assist in creating workable budgets and in eliminating debt.
Risk Management
We can help you decide the right amount and type of life and disability insurance to protect your family. We can also help you determine if long term care insurance is appropriate for you.
College Funding
If you need help preparing to finance a college education, we can provide advice on the investment vehicles and other funding mechanisms most appropriate for you.
Tax Reduction
Braeside can help you decide if you're paying more than necessary in taxes, and ways to reduce them.
Estate Planning
We can help you determine if you will have the means to leave something for your heirs, and to assist you in planning the most tax-effective strategy to do so.
Financial Checkups & Second Opinions
Financial plans may need to be modified in response to changes in your life situation or to the economy. Braeside is available, upon request, to review prior financial plans in response to future changes or to review a recently-developed plan if you simply want a second opinion.