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Financial Planning Process

The following illustrates the steps necessary should your needs call for a comprehensive financial plan. A reduced scope of needed services will follow the same basic structure but with the possibility of fewer meetings.

Initial Inquiry – The most important step in the process is your first inquiry to Braeside Financial Planning LLC ("Braeside" is used for brevity throughout this website).
  • We will briefly describe our planning philosophy, services and fee structure.
  • You will briefly describe your financial situation and your reason for seeking information about financial planning services.
  • If we decide that our services appear to fit your needs, we will schedule a complimentary, no-obligation Get Acquainted meeting.
  • Following this initial inquiry, we will send you additional information to review, including some questionnaires to return to Braeside before the Get Acquainted meeting to increase the meeting's effectiveness.
Get Acquainted Meeting – This is a complimentary meeting at which we discuss your financial needs and objectives, which of our services you will need, and mutually decide if you will engage our services.
  • We will discuss the information from the questionnaires and other related questions.
  • Braeside will provide an estimated fee quote, and if possible, a "not-to-exceed" amount.
  • If we decide on an engagement, both parties will sign a Client Service Agreement.
  • One-half of the estimated total fee is due at this time in order to start the engagement. The maximum deposit is $500.
  • Braeside will give you a list of additional information necessary to begin development of your financial plan.
Data Gathering and Initial Preparation –
  • You will gather and send the requested information to Braeside.
  • After receiving your information, we will begin to review and develop your financial plan, including initial reports.
  • We will mutually schedule our next meeting.
Interactive Goal Setting Meeting –
  • Initial reports and conclusions are discussed, including additional questions you may have.
  • We have an opportunity to refine your goals and objectives after considering the results of the initial reports.
Analysis and Plan Formulation –
  • Braeside does all the work in this step. We conclude our research and analysis and produce your final personal financial plan.
  • We mutually schedule the Presentation meeting.
Presentation Meeting – Congratulations, at this point you will hold a customized blueprint to take control of your financial future!
  • Braeside presents and reviews your personal financial plan.
  • We discuss all reports and explain our assumptions and conclusions.
  • Full payment of the balance of fees is due at this time.
  • Braeside provides you with a written copy of your plan as well as information on how to implement the plan.
Implementation and Financial Checkups – Remember, this plan is a valuable document for your financial future, but only if it is implemented. This step is beyond the scope of the initial engagement but available upon request.
  • Braeside can help with implementation services if needed.
  • Periodic future reviews are recommended and available at your request to maintain your plan's importance with changes in your life situation or in the economy.

Our Advantages

Fee-Only Model – Services are performed to meet your needs only.
  • All compensation is derived from you alone. Because we accept no third-party compensation, such as commissions for products, conflicts-of-interest are eliminated.
  • We are independent, therefore not influenced by the services or products of any particular brokers, insurance companies, mutual funds, banks, etc.
  • Our fees are hourly, so the scope of our work can be as large, or as small, as you want. This makes professional financial advice advantageous not only to the wealthy but also affordable and accessible by middle-income individuals and families.
Professional Expert Advice – The qualifications supporting our advice meet the highest levels of competency.
  • Bob Blanke, Braeside's CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ advisor, has met the education, examination, and experience requirements necessary to hold the prestigious CFP® credential.
  • Braeside is an active member of NAPFA (National Association of Personal Financial Advisors). You receive sound advice based on the collective wisdom of hundreds of the best independent financial planners in the nation.
Broad Experience – Our advisor has a wealth of experience; he has familiarity with and relates to the careers of a broad segment of the population. This improves the customization of his advice for you.
  • Small business owner of a manufacturing firm.
  • Senior executive in two multinational corporations.
  • Middle management level responsible for Finance Departments.
  • Middle management level responsible for Marketing department.
  • Middle management level responsible for plant and manufacturing operations.
  • Business Manager in not-for-profit environment.
  • Career involved living in diverse locations in the South, Midwest, and Northeast United States, and on-site international project work.